Deplorable – Shattered lament unmoored



Prepare to be consumed by the relentless abyss as Costa Rica’s Sludge/Doom purveyors DEPLORABLE emerge from the abyss with their latest sonic atrocity: “Shattered Lament Unmoored.”

DEPLORABLE forges an original path adding elements of hardcore punk and grindcore to the twisted wake of sludge icons such as Noothgrush, Toadliquor, Grief, and Cough, drawing listeners into an abyss of despair like no other. “Shattered Lament Unmoored” isn’t just another album—it’s a raw, unfiltered journey into the darkest recesses of nihilistic dread, crafted with unyielding originality and unparalleled intensity.

Renowned artist Tommy Wilson, infamous for crafting visual masterpieces for for instance Infest, Dropdead and Jeromes Dream, has birthed an album cover that encapsulates the wretched atmosphere within “Shattered Lament Unmoored.”

“Shattered Lament Unmoored” will be vomited upon the world later this year through Breathe Plastic Records on tape. Prepare to be devoured by the darkness, for in the abyss, nihilism revels in its grotesque glory.