Kavrila – Mor


A diary of loss. Back and forth between memories, presence, and the struggle within. A cathartic process. Introversive. Abrasive. Fragile. Not supposed to comfort you. Not supposed to give you answers.





Album title


For their sophomore album Kavrila decided to take a different approach to recording Mor compared to their previous album, and EPs. A two day live recording session with producer, and engineer Timo Höcke at his Wellenschmiede Studio in Hamburg, Germany. Apart from a few overdubs everything else was composed and recorded in the studio. During the creative process of “Mor” a decision was made to give the music the right amount of time needed, so it could resonate better to Alex‘s vocals, and his approach to the lyrics. The passing of his mother, and the process of coping became the main theme of the whole album. This wasn’t planned beforehand, but ended up being the result of the natural progression of the music, and the conversations within the band.

All lyrics were written by Alex except the last song “Retribution” which was written by Daniel(Bass). The band chose “Retribution” as the last song of the album because they felt the lyrics gave the album as a whole a sense of closure. The meaning behind “Retribution” is that time heals, one needs to be patient, and not give up hope, cause even in the darkest of times you can always find a speck of light.

Respect what you lost and embrace what will follow …